Recording Studio

pieholden_modelPieholden Suite Sound was founded by the late Jay Bennett under a unique philosophy that focuses on the artful and creative nature of the recording process. The studio was built as a creative workshop where honest musicians can create music with integrity.

Using the instruments and equipment that makeup Pieholden Suite Sound, Jay helped to forge a new sound in American music. His most notable contributions to the Americana lexicon happened during his tenure with the band Wilco. Jay’s arrangements, featuring the Pieholden gear, created the lush soundscapes of Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, Being There, Summerteeth and Mermaid Avenue.

This studio was recently re-located to the Ukrainian Village neighborhood of Chicago and just a couple miles from the Chicago loop.

The unique array of instruments available at Pieholden Suite Sound offers the creative band or musician many sonic choices. The vintage guitar collection alone is unparalleled in any mid-western studio. The keyboard collection includes a multitude of vintage synths, pianos, Wurlitzers, Rhodes and the almighty Hammond B-3 with Leslie.

Pieholden can cater to the digital recording process but focuses on the warm analog sound of a MCI Sony JH24 2″ tape machine. The studio’s ever growing collection of vintage instruments and recording equipment make it a perfect choice for musicians focused on extremely high sonic quality, while still maintaining the ideal “vibe” for musicians that is crucial to the creative process.

Through the support of friends and family, studio manager and house engineer Matt DeWine will continue the tradition of recording and production that Jay Bennett pioneered over many decades.

Contact Pieholden Suite Sound to schedule a session or a tour, email pieholdenstudios@gmail dot com